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Vertical Acid/Alkaline Resistant Pump
New technological theory, manufacturing outstanding pumps.

KD, KPT, KP series ::

Chemical vapor and dry vapor seal ::

When the motor is operating, the lid of the vapor seal is forced open by centrifugal force, thus no friction results. Once the motor stops, the lid bounces back to completely stop any leakage of chemical vapor.

Moreover, the oil seal, which is located above the vapor seal, can protect the motor and bearing against chemical corrosion and can prolong the of the motor and pump.


“New technological theory, manufacturing outstanding pumps.”
No seal structure

  1. The NO-SEAL design allows no friction when the pumps are working, so dry running or chemical liquid with particles will not cause malfunction of the pumps.
  2. Because of the impeller specially designed, it balances the inside pressure, sealing the liquid completely, And also, the special features of the two-layered impeller control and reduce the air and fluid intake, helping the pump function smoothly.
  3. The impellers are specially designed to prevent air from getting into the pumps to ensure efficient work and high performance.

Least Mixture of air, Longer head
Considering of gas-sealed problem of before NO-SEAL pump, we now use new design-DRY VAPOR SEAL to solve it.

  • The impellers are specially designed to reduce the friction.
  • Because of the least mixture of air, it can increase the pump stability performance and transport high heat liquid.
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