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1. One piece injected without welding of filter body and frame are adopted the integrative mould and increase the intensity of the barrel body with the projection rib.
2. Two kinds of combination ways of the uppercover.

  • The barrel body and the uppercover are formed of the screwed for screwing up directly.
  • The barrel body is formed of clamp hollow for fixing the clamp, and used SUS screws and red handles to lock shutting both the uppercover and the barrel body.

3. According to density and temperature of chemical solution to inject the pump body.  The material of filter body is PP, CPVC or PVDF.
4. Thanks to the least welds of filter in filter field, it greatly decreases the leakage.
5. With Magnet Drive Pump, it can avoid the problems of dry running leakage and environment pollution.
6. Motors are covered by motor protection covers.  On the order hand, the hot gas is radiated via hot pores during the operation so that motors are prevented from etching in acid environment.
7. Excellent application to circulated filtering operations for plating liquid, chemical liquid, and pure water.

MODEL KX-104 KX-204 KX-206 KX-208
Pump motor 180W 260W 1/2~1HP 1/2~2HP
Filter material B and C Type 10" x 4 20" x 4 20" x 6 20" x 8
T Type 10" x 4 20" x 4 20" x 6 20" x 8
K Type     1 Set 1 Set
P Type     195x45 (PCS) 195x45 (PCS)
Applicable electrode plated tank 600L 800L 1~2 ton 1~2 ton
Filtering capacity (L/min) 60 80 150 180
Filterin area (m2) B and C Type 0.5 1 1.5 2
T Type     0.7 0.9
K Type     1.1 1.7
P Type     1.5 2.2
In-outlet (inch) 3/4 1 1-1/2 1-1/2

104:Core number 10" X 4 piece
204:Core number 20" X 4 piece
206:Core number 10" X 6 piece
208:Core number 10" X 8 piece
3. S:Uppercover screwed
(Except KX-104)
C:Uppercover clamped
4. P:Material PP
A:Material (CPVC)
K:A:Material (PVDF)
5. U:In-outlet union
H:In-outlet sleeve
6. N:Packing seal NBR
V:Packing seal VITON
7. C:Pressure core filter
B:Lock core filter
T:Pressure tube filter
K:Bellow filter
U:Bag filter
P:Paper filter
8. J:In-outlet (JIS)
D:In-outlet (DIN)
A:In-outlet (ANS)


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